BibTag Timing System

Timing a race is a challenging task. The MYLAPS BibTag system is designed to minimize logistics and is extremely user friendly for participants. It is the world’s only timing system with just a single tag attached to the bib number. Simply distribute the bibs with integrated tags to the athletes and the results are guaranteed.

How does it work

The BibTag system consists of hardware and software components that provide a complete timing solution.

How to wear your BibTag

System components

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Fit for your event

Whether you are organizing a major city marathon or a smaller local running race, the MYLAPS BibTag system can be set up to suit your event’s needs. The modular mats can cover roads up to 8 meter wide and you can add as many split points as you need. There is no limit to the number of participants. The system works with net times, meaning athletes do not have to slow down to maneuver in a bottleneck finish. The technology in the mats will also spare you from organizing an army of volunteers for timekeeping.

MultiSports Tag - Designed for triathlons

The MultiSports Tag is designed and optimized for triathlons and mud runs and works with the BibTag timing system. The MultiSports Tag provides the same outstanding accuracy and reliability as the BibTag in running races.

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Timers and event organizers all over the world use our timing systems.

A small selection of our customers and events that use BibTag technology:

  • Nike Women's Marathon
  • Marathon Rotterdam
  • Amsterdam Marathon
  • Boston Marathon
  • Hong Kong Marathon
  • Melbourne Marathon

And many more!

If you are interested in a timing system for your event, club or track or just want to know more about our solutions, send us an email or give us a call. We will be happy to help you in any way we can.

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